10 marketing tips to promote your company

Having a company is more than just selling, it requires being close to the client and maintaining a relationship that gives more than just a product or service.

Selling a service through online strategies can be a challenge because there is no physical or tangible thing that customers can see and receive, however, there are some tools and strategies that can help you. That’s why we share these 10 elements to promote your business:

1 – Web

If your business is not on the web, it is as if it did not exist. Having a page allows you to show more information about your services, acquisition process, success stories, etc.

To complement it, you can have a landing page or landing page that is a simpler page, the objective is that users see the information in one place and can contact you, leave your data, download information, without having to change tabs. It is important that it contain a specific and visible call to action.

2- Content

Content can be your best ally, share information relevant to your potential market on the benefits of its services, hard data, statistics, small downloadable ebooks, a blog where you can share 1 or 2 weekly notes and provide valuable content, can help you Educate your readers about what you do.

Note: it is not just a sale, it is a task to educate and help your prospects find the solution they need.

3 – Advertising

The most popular platforms to invest are Facebook and Google, but why is it important? Because consumers have changed, there are millions of moments every day where users have an intention to buy, for brands it is essential to be present so that they can make a decision.

In terms of social networks, Mexico is above the average of Latin America in the use of social media and campaigns allow you to segment, either by age, preferences, location, or as personalized as your market demands, which helps reach the target people.

4 – Mailing

There are many who believe that email is dead, but it is still a very powerful communication tool. One of the fundamental elements for the success of this strategy is the database with which it is counted.

Whether sending reminders, general information, specific promotions, it is good to constantly contact your users. We recommend maximum 2 weekly shipments or at least one per month.

5 – Tell stories

Build confidence When people see success stories and testimonies, they identify and generate greater connection. You can also encourage users’ reviews so that people can review it, do not be afraid of criticism, they are opportunities for improvement.

6 – Integrate online and offline experience

Your company is the same regardless of whether the strategies are online and offline. Having a good omnichannel strategy helps you provide a better follow-up to your clients no matter where they contact you.

7 – Analysis

One of the most important elements of digital marketing is the part of measurement and analysis that you can obtain. Define the most important success meters for your business, for example: number of records / number of appointments / number of sales and define the conversion percentages to identify areas for improvement that you can implement.

8 – Synergy between areas

The most common in companies is that the marketing team performs strategies to attract potential customers, which is delivered to the sales area for follow-up and, in some cases, becomes a bottleneck due to lack of communication between customers. areas.

It is important to work together to evaluate the quality of the prospects that are received and the follow-up given to them.

9 – Delivery of services

Do not make false promises because of selling. This is one of the worst mistakes when closing a sale, promising more things than can be fulfilled. At the moment it helps you to sell but in the long term it can generate dissatisfaction of the client and perhaps the loss.

10 – Follow up

The attraction of a new client can cost you three times more than taking care of the ones you already have. Do not look for clients at one time, generate long-term relationships, this can be done through personalization, generation of emotions, loyalty packages, discounts, referral programs, in short, there may be many strategies to make your customers happy.

We hope that these 10 elements are useful for you, that you succeed in positioning your service company and attracting more clients.

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