Run a business or company: Key elements of good leadership

The dream of every entrepreneur is to have, from the first moment, a large clientele and a growing demand for their products. However, many times the apparent success of a startup is accompanied by a major expansion of operations is not properly managed, creating problems such as loss of quality of products or services, unnecessary costs and missed deadlines delivery, which could end up affecting the company and making this growth unsustainable.

Strong and efficient leadership is necessary to be able to manage any business successfully. However, this becomes vital to successfully guide these startups that seem to grow and grow without stopping and still overwhelmingly fast.

Anyone who intends to lead an organization must take into account the following aspects:

How to run a company or business

Present a clear vision and ensure that the entire organization knows and follows

 Many times while a startup grows rapidly, staff is incorporated at a rapid pace. Naturally, an emerging company probably does not have established human resources processes, including training and incorporation of new employees, which are too rigorous. This generates the possibility that at some point along the way you begin to lose focus on where you want to go to the organization.

That is when it will become clear that having a clear route is essential. This must be known by all levels of the company, making it possible for them to know not only a group of assigned tasks, but where the whole company is heading as a whole.

Establishing effective communication methods that reach the entire organization is important for this purpose. However, it is equally or even more relevant to have an approach with the leaders of the different areas in order to guarantee that they are clear about the strategy and can communicate it to the rest of the members of the organization.

Form other leaders and not just add employees

Many startups are born as a product of an individual adventure or a small group of friends in the world of entrepreneurship. It is common for the initial group of leaders to assume more and more tasks as it grows, many times this development being the product of good leadership and countless hours of effort.

However, even when you have delegated a large part of the operational work to new employees, there will come a point where the initial group of leaders simply will not be able to train all the new people in their new roles or coordinate all the activities.

Incorporating and / or training more and better leaders is a vital task to enable an emerging organization to cope with its growth. Yes, just delegating tasks is already a feat in itself, but delegating part of the decision making is necessary to achieve an efficient expansion of the company. Adding employees will add potential to the company, but adding leaders will multiply this potential as each new leader can guide more people in a more appropriate way than a small group of leaders could manage.

Design a structure according to the size of the company

When a startup starts, it often does it as a small group of people, sometimes under a totally horizontal structure of partners that formulate and execute the strategies, dividing the associated activities. For a while this strategy is sustainable, even as new employees enter.

However, there will come a point where bringing an additional bench to the work table will not be enough, and a separation of tasks by functional areas will be necessary.

This does not mean that the horizontality of the structure of the company should be abandoned, nor that it should be created in the absurdity of separating departments and assigning vice-presidencies in a company of a handful of people. However, the needs of the company must be closely monitored and the leadership must be willing to adapt or reinvent the structure to face the new challenges and efficiently coordinate the areas that require it.

The growth of the company should always be good news. This is why in order to prepare adequately to face this expansion, it is essential to have the necessary vision, leadership and structure.

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